Mission Statement

Welcome to the website of the Ħal Balzan Local Council!

This website is another tool in our work to be closer to the resident. In the work of a Local Council, close contact and feedback from residents is essential. It helps us improve our own work and helps us address issues which would need to be addressed. Having an informative and effective website is one important step in building this close bond between the resident and the Council. We invite you to browse our website and to make use of the services offered.

The website is also a way of providing information about Ħal Balzan. We are very proud of our beautiful village and the many hidden gems within it and we’d like everybody to know about wonderful Ħal Balzan and its people.

As a Council it is our mission to be close to the people, to look after Ħal Balzan and to try our best to make the lives of residents an easier one.


The Councillors

Dr. Angelo Micallef
Responsibilities: Projects, Infrastructure and Culture

Mary Louise Briffa
Deputy Mayor
Responsibilities: Youths, Children, the Elderly and Education

Dr. Oliver Nicholas De Gaetano Councillor
Responsibilities: Innovation, Animal Welfare, and EU Funds

Stephen Gatt
Responsibilities: Cleanliness, Environment, Communities, Social Integration and Social Welfare

Andre' Grech Councillor
Responsibilities: Sports and Physical Activities